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Update From The Desk Of Melanie Young. Executive Director

by | Education, The Village

From The desk of Melanie Young, Executive Director on Friday May 29 2020.

Hello everyone,

I’m Melanie Young, your Executive Director here at Kiwanis Village. I am connecting with you to help explain the way we are responding to the changes in access and visiting within the Village as the re opening of BC rises around us and presses us to consider how to continue safely. We also want to convey to you the results of both Villager and staff surveys conducted last week, which has a major influence on our actions.

I am so grateful, inspired, humbled and joy filled when I reflect on how we have collaborated and united around our own particular brand of civil responsibility. Well done!

Because your Village is such a beautiful mix of people, services, agreements, regulations and laws, it is a complex job to work out how to support folk who live in a connected Village yet under different ‘rules’.

Our challenge now is how to safely integrate the requirements and restrictions from the Assisted Living Registrar and the Long Term Care regulations along with guidance from the Centre for Disease Control, Island Health and BC Housing. It’s a bit of a head scratcher to be honest.


So what to do?

Our Village survey asked about how we are doing and how we should move forward around access and visiting etc. We had a phenomenal response from you and from staff, thank you!

You shared that you appreciate and value the steps we have taken, that you want slow or even ‘no’ change and that visiting must be controlled with dedicated times, locations, and support within a socially responsible location and distance apart.

We have listened and here’s the plan.


Long Term Care-The Lodge

Visiting in long term care at The Lodge, remains fully restricted. There remains no physical access at this time for almost every person. Please continue to connect with your nursing team at The Lodge directly with your questions.


In suites visiting- restricted in Village Housing-The House, The Manor, The Suites, The Villa

In person visits or services within your suites or common areas are still restricted to essential visits only. All direct and in person visits from care supporters or family MUST continue to be approved through Kiwanis administration. Kiwanis has been connecting with Villagers through formal and informal ‘wellness checks’ and where we find any concerns we will connect with the appropriate supports for help and even initiate visits where required. Please call The Villager Hot Line for more information. 250 753 6471 ext 1.

General Village Wide visiting in our lovely outside spaces is restricted to Villagers only! Villagers connecting with other Villagers. General outdoor visiting by families and friends is not permitted at this time.

To support safe socially distant Villager to Villager visiting we are placing orange heart shaped stencils throughout the Village on the pathways so it is easier to see what a safe distance looks like. You’ll see them pop up over the next week. The Jolly Trolley and Grocery cart will begin to sell cloth masks for your convenience.


So what are we changing?

  • Over the next week we will be adding one to one visiting in outdoor spaces by creating designated ‘heart parks’ at the entrance to your Village.
  • This will be available to Villagers who are not on isolation or who live in Long Term Care and will be controlled and supported by administration.
  • Over the next week we will unveil our shared plan for meaningful visiting in one of our 2 ‘heart parks’ more information to come on this.


We are encouraged by the overwhelming support we have given each other and are happy to be able to offer this much needed relief.

As I mentioned, we will see how this goes and fine tune our plan before we increase visiting times.

For your understanding I say ‘thank you’.

You are appreciated.

Take care

Melanie Young. R.N. E.D.