People who stay active – people who feel connected and inspired by their community enjoy happier, healthier lives. We know this. Sensitive to unique and collective abilities and interests, the Recreation team works to manifest joy for everyone who lives here. Therapeutic Recreational programming is essential to holistic wellness and we believe that the right program, delivered with intention can be restorative, uplifting and adventurous on any given day.

Recreation Program Details

The Kiwanis Events & Recreation program runs seven days a week, including evenings and weekends to serve all Villagers in a way that works for them. The monthly recreation calendar is distributed to all and is carefully shaped with input from residents, families and caregivers.

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“I continue to be pleasantly surprised by the programs on offer at the Village. My days and weeks are both full and fulfilling and I always have something wonderful on the horizon to look forward to.”

Cecelia, Assisted Living Resident

Benefits of Our Programs

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Physical Programming Benefits:

Physical movement is important. Bending, reaching, stretching and simply getting to and from places is easier when we focus on building strength and flexibility. Falls are reduced, jars opened, shoes tied and the daily tidying of self and our environments is simpler when we have the resilience to do more. Movement means we can more easily walk to see friends and join in with events. These combined positives are a big step in maintaining a sense of personal independence and connection to each other, a place to access joy. This fosters stress reduction, improves sleep and strengthens well-being. Kiwanis Village invites you to participate in a variety of recreational programs that encourage strength, flexibility, balance and independence. We take care to respect personal boundaries and limitations, while helping residents reach individual goals.



Emotional Programming Benefits:

So much of human wellness is rooted in the understanding and managing of our emotions. Kiwanis Village programming not only helps with stress and change, it also aims to restore the body, mind and soul. Kiwanis staff invest the time to understand what is important and often what was important to each person, this supports positive programming that is a clear reflection of the dreams and aspirations we’ve found here.


Social Connections Benefits:

At Kiwanis Village we strive to provide therapeutic recreation programming that reaches past simply “keeping people busy” or “passing time.” Monthly evidence based, and traditional programs create and maintain a genuine connection to their community. Our popular programs, events and activities are well supported and reflect the ideas and desires of the residents. We work directly with individual wants and needs and there’s fun for introverts and extroverts alike.

Programs such as community outings, intergenerational programming, pet visitation, therapeutic gardening and themed socials and events.



Cognitive Programming Benefits:

Cognitive function is deeply connected to how we view ourselves and how we believe others view us. Maintaining and ordering our thought processes supports how we think, learn, remember and react and is how we maintain our unique identities. The Kiwanis Village recreation team strives to offer stimulation and challenges through a variety of brain games and discussion groups. At Kiwanis many of our programs support continued personal growth through combinations of music, movement and memory.



Spiritual Benefits:

Spirituality means many different things to many different people. We recognize this, and respond with a sincere approach to choice and tradition. Kiwanis Village provides opportunities for spiritual connection through regular multi denominational religious, spiritual and faith based services, events and individual connections.



It takes many caring hands to build a Village and our team of Volunteers are very much a part of the Kiwanis family. Through their acts of service, we see a loving and invested community at work. As a non-profit society we also rely on the generosity of our donors and we are humbled by the philanthropic spirit that exists in our Nanaimo home. If you’d like to join the Village as a volunteer or consider a donation click the links below.