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Message for Villagers

by | Advocacy, The Village

Please read to the end!

Kiwanis Village has been here for 60 years. People helping People is at the heart of our Village. Everyone reading this memo understands how it feels to be placed in the centre of a storm, we have all managed difficulty and change in our lives; we know we are resilient.  We are united, and we know we will move through this with grace and compassion for all. This too will pass.

We are at the beginning of a Pandemic Emergency. The steps we have taken and the steps we will take are a result of careful, fact based, decisions. These decisions were made at the Kiwanis Village Emergency Operations Committee, established on March 3rd 2020 and held daily (yes, on the weekends too).

This committee is comprised of all key Village decision makers and is influenced by feedback from all supervisors, staff and Villagers. We are specifically following the words and direction from Dr Bonnie Henry, Provincial Health Officer for the Province of BC, Island Health and The Centre for Disease Control.

This is a fast moving and changing situation so maintaining accurate and non-conflicting information requires all of us to be compassionate with each other and patient. We are all doing our best, I know you are too.

We know that this is time is confusing, sometimes frightening, and we know that you understand the enormity of the task ahead and appreciate your patience and support.

We all have a civil duty to adhere to the requirements for social distancing, self isolation (where indicated), to manage our expectations around availability of goods and access, and to be part of the solution to halt the wave of Covid 19.

On March 16th 2020 we took the unprecedented decision to close your Village to all but essential access. We know that this has created anxiety and placed restrictions and complications on access to grocery items, visiting, medications etc.

We understand that this feels restrictive. It is restrictive, it is supposed to be restrictive.

We know that we can work together to remain calm, supported and united.

Kiwanis Village is advising you of the following directives and service changes:

  • Across 6 acres and in 5 buildings, all access to your Village is restricted. This means all visiting is cancelled in all buildings. We understand the issues that this may cause for you, but are certain that this is an essential measure.
  • All recreation programming is re-imagined across the Village. Recreation staff will be supporting you in other, creative and meaningful ways. More to come.
  • The Fireside dining room and suites dining room are closed from Friday 20th of March.
    • All meals across all buildings (except Long Term Care at the Lodge) will be delivered by staff to your suites. Menu choices will reflect simple fare.
  • We have almost established a process to support obtaining groceries to help you remain in The Village. We are working through the details of onsite ordering, shopping and room delivery, and expect to have this underway early next week.
  • We are experiencing a high volume of phone calls and enquiries from Villagers, families, friends etc. To serve you better we have established a designated phone number, we will test this over the next day or so and share it with you as soon as it is working within our existing phone tree.
  • The Good Morning Program is something we have been imagining for some time and now is the perfect opportunity. Soon, you will receive a card that says ‘Good Morning’ on it. It goes on your front door. In the morning you come out and turn the sign over to let us know you are doing well. If the sign has not been turned, we’ll knock and connect with you directly.
  • Signing in and out of the buildings. We invite you to let us know when you are going out. We advise you to significantly limit your outings to essential events only. We ask that you help us help you through signing in and out at your lobby.
  • All medication deliveries across the Village and in all buildings will continue at this time from the pharmacy you are currently working with. Deliveries to your floor, dept, suite or door will continue at this time.
  • All human connections are wise to adhere to social distancing.
  • There will be an onsite manager here each day to assume site responsibility and offer support (yes the weekends)


This information will be updated as often as necessary. I know that using the internet or social media such as Facebook is not as common for some, but I invite you and your families and friends to use our website and our Facebook page as the main source of Village News.

You’ll also see this information posted across the Village on a board near you. We will not be sending individual letters out as information changes too frequently and messages would get easily confused or muddled.

And finally…THANK YOU! Honestly, I am in awe of the way we are pulling together, it brings tears of JOY to my eyes and warmth to my heart. I am so blessed to be part of your community.

With love and affection

Melanie Young
Executive Director
Kiwanis Village Nanaimo
[email protected]