Strategic Goals 2017 – 2021


Achieve unsurpassed quality in all Village services

  • Identify and monitor clinical key performance indicators
  • Develop policies and practices in support of a culture of safety
  • Implement strategies to respond to survey results related to resident and staff satisfaction
  • Investigate availablity of Housing quality indicators
  • Develop relationships with Physicians that subscribe to the principles of the Resident Care Initiative
  • Continue to meet external standards to reflect a quality organization
  • Monitor communication methods/tools to reflect high level of quality


Innovate for sustainability

  • Develop a Human Resource plan reflective of changing client needs
  • Identify and monitor monthly non-clinical key performance indicators
  • Update Village-wide capital plans to ensure that they are fully-funded to maintain all buildings
  • Review and update budget assumptions and guidelines annually
  • Develop cost reduction and fundraising initiatives
  • Conduct review of all service agreements to ensure all funding and liability issues have been addressed
  • Review and monitor space utilization throughout Kiwanis Village


Fulfill a unique role in the community

  • Explore opportunities for expansion of existing programs or new programs
  • Develop collaborative relationships with business, education and government


Approved:          March 20, 2018


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