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Education at Kiwanis

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Learning and sharing knowledge, growing in our understanding, adding perspectives and even changing our minds takes courage, persistence and an ability to cultivate a curious mind, stand back and be open to listening.
Influencing our collective understanding of person centered care, steering towards joy, being part of a growing number of people and organizations who understand why inclusivity is an essential norm as we look at our futures, requires us to seek information, learn and share.

Education at Kiwanis comes in so many forms. From how to use new equipment, supplies and products through to complex college and university practicums, from the moment a new person moves into Kiwanis Village to the time we get acquainted and then dive deeper into that connection, we are learning, teaching and sharing.

Well established relationships with Vancouver Island University and Discovery College bring new, contemporary, evidence based, wisdom and we celebrate every part of that.

This year we have opened our arms and welcomed a formal partnership with Discovery College through the award of a government grant. This affiliation has altered the career trajectory of local under employed and unemployed people. Seizing an opportunity to enter the world of healthcare and become Health Care Assistants, 21 new students from our own community are nestled in the Kiwanis Classroom and in clinical practicums within The Lodge, home to residents in Long Term Care. By the time the fall is here there will be opportunities for more formal employment across Kiwanis and their skills, learned here, can be honed and assist in the change in culture that leads us towards a new discovery of joy for residents, families and staff.