We’re a small but close-knit group of professionals with a deeply-rooted desire to transform lives.


Melanie Young

Executive Director

I work to transform care and service options for older adults. To manifest a shift towards person-led practices, where the voices of elders and those who work alongside them are respected and honoured. I love what I do. As a research partner, conference speaker, nurse and leader, I have learned with and from my colleagues and communities. Each role bringing me closer to administering high quality, safe and enduring practices that create a fair and just culture within human based organizations. Alongside my colleagues, I imagine a present and a future where people age with dignity and grace, surrounded by their chosen community.

Melanie Young, Executive Director, RN. BScN, Dip Health Administration & Leadership, Reiki Master

Lori Walker

Manager, Administration & Finance

Alongside my team, I’m responsible for the financial management and fiscal accountability of Kiwanis Village. My day-to-day role covers all aspects of finance and accounting practices and I’m privileged to work alongside a knowledgeable and dedicated team. For two decades I have witnessed Kiwanis evolve into a true community of excellence and I’m proud to have played a part through strategic planning, grounded in operational sustainability. As Chair of the Staff Health and Wellness Committee I raise awareness for a healthy workplace, and improve staff morale through meaningful engagement in wellness initiatives.

Lori Walker, Manager, Administration & Finance, CGA Diploma Business Management, Malaspina College, Long Term Care Senior Management, Canadian Health Care Association

Alanna Larsen

Manager of Village Operations

As Manager of Village Operations, I am able to connect with all facets of the Village. By working to strengthen Services & Operations, I’m able to nurture our goals for inclusivity, meaning and joy. As a leader I relish the opportunity to leverage the unique strengths of my team members to achieve quality of life for everyone who lives and works here. As a passionate advocate for older people, Kiwanis Village provides the culture and opportunity for real growth, learning and change.

Alanna Larsen, Manager of Village Operations, Masters of Arts Degree, Gerontology, Bachelor of Arts, Psychology

Chris Smith

Hospitality Services Coordinator

My role at Kiwanis is as varied as it is rewarding. For the past 12 years I’ve worked alongside our Kiwanis residents and assisted older people hoping to make their home here. Whether I’m helping people find appropriate housing, solving issues for our residents or supporting them and their loved ones through times of transition, I cherish my role as a guide, facilitator and friend.

Chris Smith, Hospitality Services Coordinator

Lyndsay Webster

Manager of Community Development

My goal is to work with residents and the greater community to provide initiatives that invite joy, purpose and connection to Kiwanis Village. Through community events, educational opportunities and meaningful partnerships we build and sustain thriving communities. My education combined with my daily encounters at Kiwanis are testimony to the healing power of an engaged Village. I believe wholeheartedly in the Kiwanis way.

Lyndsay Webster, Manager of Community Development & Engagement, Diploma Recreation Management, Vancouver Island University, Degree Therapeutic Recreation, Douglas College

Mari Beth Brimble

Clinical Care Coordinator

My role is to honour the call of the human spirit, as well as the human body, always. My hope for everyone is to live well, full of life, focused on thriving and accomplishment rather than what is diminished or ‘lost’. Meaning and purpose are the fuels that propel us into each day and this does not change as we age or as our bodies and minds alter. My role as Clinical Care Coordinator in Long Term Care is integral to building joy through connection. Focused on both the lived experience of our elders and of our wonderful staff, I oversee the practical care of our residents, but it’s so much more. It’s listening with an open mind and heart, and serving people with dignity and compassion.

Mari Beth Brimble, Clinical Care Coordinator, R.N.

Eric Smith

Coordinator of Building Services

My years as a volunteer firefighter and experience with all aspects of building and maintenance led me to Kiwanis in 1990. As the Coordinator of Building Services I work alongside a team of incredible people, each with the same mandate – to make a difference in the lives of others. I coordinate everything related to our buildings and facilities, which can vary from maintenance, to planning and helping residents get the most from the Village. In my three decades at Kiwanis, I have formed enduring friendships and observed countless acts of service, driven by kindness and compassion.

Eric Smith, Coordinator of Building Services


Heiko Behn

Board Chair

Now retired from his role as Manager for a National Security Operations company, Heiko also served 39 years in Military Service. During the course of his career, Heiko has worked in Professional Development and successfully managed budgets greater than $15M. Placing great value on community, Heiko contributes to the executive team for the Nanaimo Special Olympics and donates his time and expertise to the Nanaimo Dragon Boat Festival. Heiko has served as Board Chair since 2009.

Heiko Behn, Board Chair, Bachelor of Arts, History & Political Science, University of Victoria, Certificate in Labour Relations, Simon Fraser University

Dr. Jay Spence


Now retired, Dr. Spence experienced a long and rewarding career as an Obstetrician and Gynaecologist. He was Professor of OB-GYN, Faculty of Medicine, at the University of Ottawa, and Chief of OB-GYN, at Ottawa Civic Hospital. Today, he is dedicated to serving his Island home, through Nanoose Community Services and his Kiwanis Village Board work. The author of Growing up is Hard to Do, Dr. Spence brings compassion, medical insight and his hopeful vision to the Board.

Dr. Jay Spence

Linda Ann Burrows


Linda brings a depth of relevant experience to her role on the Kiwanis Board of Directors. With more than four decades of experience in Tertiary Care, Long Term Care and Health Care Management across Canada and the Middle East, her insight and knowledge is invaluable. In 2012, Linda retired from her role as Clinical Coordinator of Cancer Care and Medical Day Care for the Vancouver Island Health Authority and now dedicates herself to Community Service.

Linda Ann Burrows, RN Ryerson Toronto Ontario, BESc University of Waterloo, MscHA University of Colorado. Denver Graduate School of Business

Ross Griffiths

Board Vice-Chair

As a retired engineer, Ross has extensive experience in the domestic and international oil and gas business. He managed a vast range of upstream technical and commercial functions including operations field support, offshore production development planning, joint venture management and government fiscal agreement negotiations. During his career Ross enjoyed long term work assignments in Malaysia and Nigeria, where he formed deep connections, cherished memories and friendships. Ross joined the Kiwanis Board in 2010.

Ross Griffiths, Vice-Chair , Bachelor of Engineering, Master of Business Administration

Dr. Judith McGillivray


Dr. McGillivray currently works as Faculty & Division Chair of Undergraduate Professional Health Programs and as Dean of Faculty at two public post-secondary educational institutions in British Columbia. Prior to this, she was Vice-President & Provost at Kwantlen Polytechnic University for 11 years where her dissertation work focused on bicameral governance in Universities. Dr. McGillivray’s deep understanding of policy and education and how it impacts healthcare is of great value to the mission of the Kiwanis Board.

Dr. Judith McGillivray, Diploma in Nursing, BSN, Masters in Nursing, Doctorate in Higher Education & Policy Development

Malcolm Arnold


Malcolm is a retired professional engineer, having spent more than 40 years in the chemical and energy sectors. With a background in engineering and business, his work enabled him the opportunity to delve into both the technical and business aspects of the industry. Born in the United Kingdom, Malcolm spent a number of years in South Africa, before emigrating to Canada.

Malcolm Arnold, BSc(Hons) Chem Eng, University of Nottingham, BComm, University of South Africa, MBA, University of the Witwatersrand

Rudy Friesen


Rudy is a retired architect who is passionate about better care and housing for aging people. As a member of the Society for the Advancement of Gerontological Environments (SAGE), Rudy researches innovative initiatives around the world, and presents these ideas to organizations, communities and conferences in Canada and abroad. Rudy’s experience includes serving on a national age-friendly housing task force and on local boards of care facilities. Rudy is Past-President, Fellow, and a Life Member of the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada, and Honorary Fellow of the American Institute of Architects. As a member of Canadian Association on Gerontology, Rudy teaches courses on aging better in community for VIU ElderCollege.

Rudy Friesen, B. Arch, Bachelor of Architecture, FRAIC, Fellow of the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada, Hon FAIA, Honorary Fellow of the American Institute of Architects, LEED AP, Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Accredited Professional

Become a Member of the Kiwanis Village Board

The Board’s role includes oversight and accountability in the following areas:

Share our passion for culture change Governance, Quality and Performance Monitoring, Strategic Planning, Stakeholder Communication, Raising Funds, Enhancing the Public Image of Kiwanis Village,

The Nominating Committee is seeking eligible candidates who

have generally acknowledged and accepted stature within the business community. We are seeking individuals with relevant knowledge and extensive experience related to the management of a business, to continuing improvement in seniors’ health care or other applicable expertise.

Kiwanis Village seeks applications in writing to the Planning and Priorities Committee

to be considered as Directors on the Board of Kiwanis Village. Positons are voluntary but provide significant personal satisfaction for contributions to our community and seniors. The Board meets monthly during day hours and has 3 sub-committees which meet as required. To apply, send a cover letter and copy of your curriculum vitae to: [email protected]

For further information, please contact:

Planning and Priorities Committee
c/o H Behn, Chair
1233 Kiwanis Crescent
Nanaimo BC V9S 5Y1