We’re a small but close-knit group of professionals with a deeply-rooted desire to transform lives.


Lori Walker

Executive Director

My goal as Executive Director is to improve the quality of life for our staff, our residents and families, and volunteers. I am privileged in this role to work together with an experienced and dedicated Staff and Leadership team, as well as a devoted Board of Directors. My day-to-day role covers all aspects of both stewardship and fiscal accountability for our Village. For over two decades, I have witnessed Kiwanis evolve toward a true community of excellence, and I am proud to have played a part through strategic planning grounded in operational sustainability. My vision for Kiwanis going forward is a conception focused on an empowered, thriving community. It is to observe an inclusive environment: one where each person is unique; focusing on individual and collective strengths and needs; and bringing joy and meaning to all aspects of daily living and working.

Lori Walker, Executive Director, CGA Diploma Business Management, Malaspina College, Long Term Care Senior Management, Canadian Health Care Association

Wade Brekke

Manager Support Services

I am an efficient professional with thirty years of experience in a variety of hospitality environments. My role as the Manger of Support Services is a rewarding role as I appreciate working with the residents and family members. I have a great team of staff who focus on resident satisfaction. My outlook is positive and flexible to adapt to residents and staff needs and I look forward to creating stronger bonds with supporting the Kiwanis Village family and culture.

Wade Brekke, Manager of Support Services, Food Service and Nutrition Management (CNM), Canadian Healthcare Association; Red Seal qualification (RSE), Vancouver Community College; Professional Cook Training Program, Malaspina College

Amadeus Williamson

Coordinator of Building Services

As Building Services Coordinator, I facilitate the maintenance, grounds keeping, and emergency preparedness that keeps our village a beautiful and safe place to live. I use my background in building maintenance, grounds keeping, and incident command, as well as my interpersonal and problem solving skills to uphold and improve this standard of living. It is my joy and passion to enrich the lives of the people in our community by ensuring the condition of their homes and gardens. I am fortunate to have an incredible team of hard working people alongside me who share this philosophy and who strive every day to keep our facilities running smoothly. Kiwanis Village is full of wonderful people and the energetic, compassionate, and supportive community is one I feel very grateful to be a part of.

Amadeus Williamson, Coordinator Building Services

Selene Lincoln

Recreation Therapist

My aim is to cultivate meaningful collaboration between individuals, families and communities within and connected to Kiwanis Village, to support and enhance individual and collective well-being. Through my education, research and passion for recreation, I acknowledge that recreation is intrinsically valuable. However, it is also a purposeful tool that supports and empowers resilient societies. By contributing to social infrastructure, recreation acts as a catalytic force in the creation of healthy communities. People working together have enormous capacity to develop awareness, build community capacity and ignite social change. Through advocacy, research, recreation and education, I work to support the shared vision of Kiwanis Village as an energetic community of learning, growth, and joy.

Selene Lincoln, Recreation Therapist, Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist (CTRS)Bachelor of Therapeutic Recreation, Douglas College, Bachelor of Recreation Management, Acadia University

Kelly Marykuca

Clinical Care Coordinator

As an RN for 30 years with a strong background in Complex care and Senior’s mental health, I am proud to be part of Kiwanis Village. I believe in non-profit healthcare, and team work where everyone puts their best foot forward to provide optimal physical, psychological, and spiritual wellbeing for all individuals who reside in long term/complex care. Nursing is caring, nurturing, loving, listening, compassion, respect, human kindness, and it can be very challenging, especially during these times of uncertainty. I am a strong advocate of delivering care through a collaborative, inclusive approach in a home like atmosphere. Our seniors have sacrificed so much to allow all of us to have the freedom and privileges we have today. We must always show respect, maintain their dignity, autonomy and take care of them. Kiwanis Village has a reputation for upholding these values, and that is why I choose to be a part of the Kiwanis community.

Kelly Marykuca, Clinical Care Coordinator

Heather Anderson

Housing Recreation Coordinator

My goal is to provide meaningful life enriching Recreation Programs for the amazing people who reside at Kiwanis Village. It is in every respect a privilege to be part of such a wonderful Community where we can all strive together to create positive opportunities for valuable Recreation engagement. I have worked in Therapeutic Recreation with older adults for over thirty years and I am still thankful every day that I chose this Profession. Having the opportunity to work in a non-profit setting has been a positive experience as we are always able to put the needs of the people first, just as it should be!

Heather Anderson, Housing Recreation Coordinator, Therapeutic Recreation, Douglas College

Kathleen Hamill

Lodge Recreation Coordinator

I am a dedicated Recreation Therapist, with a strong passion for leisure, bringing 28 years of experience to this very special role. My goal is to support the Kiwanis Lodge community with innovation, and quality programs to empower, and improve the quality of life of the incredible people who call Kiwanis home. I am honored to be part of the Kiwanis leadership team, supporting a talented group of Recreation and Therapy staff. I have a strong belief in the value of servant leadership, and the integral role of volunteers, and the partnership and importance of family. Delivering Recreation Services is my love, and very happy to be part of this dynamic visionary Not for Profit organization.

Kathleen Hamill, Lodge Recreation Coordinator
Recreation Therapy Diploma/Douglas College, Competing Degree in Recreation Tourism Mgmt/VIU

Lisa Sinnott


With kindness and compassion, I practice a non-judgemental, trauma-informed, and anti-oppressive approach to social work that embraces the inherent wisdom, strength, and resilience of each individual.  Meeting someone where they are at from a place of curiosity, while believing in their abilities, cultivates the trust and safety necessary to build a therapeutic relationship where we can walk side-by-side to meet their biopsychosocial-spiritual-cultural wants and needs.  My resident-centered approach stems from my education, from my personal life experiences, and from working in the health and human service field for over twenty years. It is an honour to work collaboratively with your families and friends within this non-profit organization whose vison, mission, and values align so well with mine.

Lisa Sinnott, RSW
Bachelor of Social Work Degree, University of Victoria; Social Services Diploma, Vancouver Island University; Arts and Science Diploma, Vancouver Island University; Resident Care and Home Support Certificates, Camosun College.

Russel Ambers

Financial Services Manager

As Manager of Financial Services I work closely with our leadership team to deliver excellent care to our residents. In addition to leading our administration and finance team, I liaise with various reporting authorities, including Island Health and BC Housing. I graduated from the Vancouver Island University with a Bachelor of Business Administration with a major in accounting and started as articling full-time in September 2017. I successfully wrote my common final exam (CFE) in September 2019 and obtained my CPA designation. Before joining the Kiwanis leadership team, my primary focus was on providing accounting, assurance and tax advisory services to privately-owned companies and not-for-profit organizations in various industries. Outside of work, I volunteer with a local not-for-profit and spend time outdoors with my young family.

Russel Ambers, Financial Services Manager


Heiko Behn

Board Chair

Now retired from his role as Manager for a National Security Operations company, Heiko also served 39 years in Military Service. During the course of his career, Heiko has worked in Professional Development and successfully managed budgets greater than $15M. Placing great value on community, Heiko contributes to the executive team for the Nanaimo Special Olympics and donates his time and expertise to the Nanaimo Dragon Boat Festival. Heiko has served as Board Chair since 2009.

Heiko Behn, Board Chair, Bachelor of Arts, History & Political Science, University of Victoria, Certificate in Labour Relations, Simon Fraser University

Become a Member of the Kiwanis Village Board

The Board’s role includes oversight and accountability in the following areas:

Share our passion for culture change Governance, Quality and Performance Monitoring, Strategic Planning, Stakeholder Communication, Raising Funds, Enhancing the Public Image of Kiwanis Village,

The Nominating Committee is seeking eligible candidates who

have generally acknowledged and accepted stature within the business community. We are seeking individuals with relevant knowledge and extensive experience related to the management of a business, to continuing improvement in seniors’ health care or other applicable expertise.

Kiwanis Village seeks applications in writing to the Planning and Priorities Committee

to be considered as Directors on the Board of Kiwanis Village. Positons are voluntary but provide significant personal satisfaction for contributions to our community and seniors. The Board meets monthly during day hours and has 3 sub-committees which meet as required. To apply, send a cover letter and copy of your curriculum vitae to: [email protected]

For further information, please contact:

Planning and Priorities Committee
c/o H Behn, Chair
1233 Kiwanis Crescent
Nanaimo BC V9S 5Y1