The Village has operated as a not-for-profit housing organization since 1957, earning a reputation for excellence through the steady hands and open hearts of our team.

Our History

Shifting the MINDSET!

Mindful that we can always ‘do better’ Kiwanis supports ongoing research and education by aligning with universities, social organizations and government agencies that embody our philosophy. These partnerships combined with strong leadership mean positive change is gaining momentum. Shifting the mindset surrounding care for older people, that’s our calling. By returning to our roots and adopting a compassion-led practice, we honour residents, and the people who cherish them. Above all else, Kiwanis Village empowers older people to live the way that they would choose.

The Latest News

“With care comes great privilege. This belief infuses everything we do at Kiwanis, and our community vibrates with life because of it. I am uplifted everyday by the generosity of spirit that floods our Village.”

Melanie Young, Executive Director

To provide a campus of care with a full range of services that foster pride and dignity.


Focus on quality Respect for the individual Behave with integrity Act responsibly Provide a caring community